Resources for Educators

California Reading & Literature Project

  • Professional development for K-12 Teachers
  • Offers a range of programs to support educators teaching reading & literacy
  • Supports educators to embed California state standards into daily teaching practices 

Dyslexia Alliance for Black Children

  • Raising awareness about dyslexia and the intersection of race and dyslexia
  • Increasing access to services and supports for Black students
  • Ways to support Black children and families access services for language based learning disabilities

Embracing Equity

  • Providing meaningful tools to cultivate equitable spaces for all children
  • Anti-bias materials to address how to disrupt systems of oppression

Making Caring Common

  • Harvard Graduate School of Education Project with resources for families and educators
  • Wealth of information for social-emotional development and SEL 

The Opportunity Institute

  • Addresses educational opportunities to create more social and economic mobility
  • Focus on dismantling structural inequities through economic policies, social and educational investments

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

  • Includes various programs that help educators, families, and students develop their emotional intelligence
    • inspirED has free resources to empower students
    • RULER is an evidence-based approach to SEL in schools 
    • Free courses for school staff to manage emotions amidst challenges

UCLA All Brains

  • Resources for students, educators and families to support neurodiverse learners
  • Strength-based perspectives of cognitive diversity

Stanford University

Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Child Mind Institute

Additional Bilingual Resources Families and Practitioners

  • Bilingual Handout for Families 

Mental Health and Wellness Resources


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