Internal Stakeholder Meeting October 2020

"Building Cross-Campus Interdisciplinary Impact of the Center"

Stakeholders across UCSF and UC Berkeley attended our October stakeholder meeting to learn about the mission and initiatives of the Schwab Dyslexia and Cognitive Diversity Center. This was also an opportunity for introductions to new colleagues and to consider potential collaborations. In our conversations together we explored the goals of the center and also took an important step in moving them forward.

  1. Innovative two-campus initiative to promote research, clinical services, educational supports, advocacy, and policy related to dyslexia, learning disorders, cognitive diversity, and learning science
  2. Show how two previously “disconnected” UC campuses can collaborate and become something greater than sum of parts
  3. Provide interdisciplinary vision linking psychiatry, neurology, and pediatrics (UCSF) with psychology, education, public health, and neuroscience (UCB) 


Three of our six Innovation Funds awardees also gave brief presentations of their studies.

Florence Bouhali, PhD
Christa Watson, PhD
Monica Zegers