Spring Symposium 2022: From Bench to Policy and Practice

The Schwab Dyslexia and Cognitive Diversity Center will hold its annual Spring Symposium in on April 13th 2022 from 9am to 1pm featuring national experts in dyslexia research and policy. This will also be an opportunity to hear about preliminary research supported by the Schwab Innovation Funds.

The theme of this year's symposium will be Using Bench and Applied Science to Support Diverse Learners in Reading and Math

Reports from the Co-Directors:

  • Maria Luisa Gorno Tempini, MD, PhD: Updates on Implementation of the Phenotype Study, the Bench To School Initiative, and the Multitudes Project
  • Stephen Hinshaw, PhD: ADHD in Girls: Underachievement, LD, and Stigma

Innovation Fund topics will include:

  • Ting Qi, PhD: Cortical Folding of the Left Superior Temporal Cortex Associated with Acoustic Edge Perception in Developmental Dyslexia
  • Sladjana Lukic, PhD: Investigating Auditory Verbal Short-term Memory in Dyslexia
  • Sandhya Kannan, BA: The Effect of Bilingualism on Language Measures in a Cohort of Children with Dyslexia
  • Courtney Gallen, PhD: Closed-Loop Digital Attention Intervention Improves Attention and Reading in Students with Learning Differences

Workshops will include:

  • Resha Conroy, MS, MPA, Race and Dyslexia: Barriers to Diagnosis for Black Children
  • Lillian Durán, PhDExploring Dyslexia Screening Approaches with Spanish Speaking Students: Understanding the Critical Roles of Home Language Exposure and Language of Instruction​
  • Pedro Pinheiro-Chagas, PhDNeurocognitive Mechanisms of Elementary Mathematics​

This will be a virtual meeting over zoom from 9am to 1pm PDT. You can register for the webinar here.

The Guest Speaker Bios are available here.

Video links from our 2021 meeting can be found here: Day One and Day Two.

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